Are you concerned about your health?

Do you want to FEEL better?  
But you don't want to go to the Doctor!   
And You don't want to take another pill.
You can live with it... but it is a drag. 
A steals your attention, too much of the time!  
Dragging butt?  Irritable?  Worn out and achy?
"Why did I come downstairs?!"  "I was supposed to be where?!"
Have you thought, "getting old sucks!"

Has your doctor told you...

  • Everything checks out OK:  That means No Medical Conditions or Diseases, it doesn't mean you feel good!
  • We are doing everything we can:  With the resources we have (drugs and surgery).  
  • You're going to have to learn to live with it: "I've tried everything I know or can try."
  •  You're not a spring chicken anymore:  I can't believe Drs call people "old" but I've had many people report that it's true!!

If you can relate to any of that...

You need a metabolic tune-up!
Optimize hormones, stress, inflammation and organ health!
A "metabolic tune-up" will make you Feel Good again!
More energy.  Sharper focus and memory.  Move faster.  Better Mood!

Improved Health!  Increased Vitality!

Focus and Energy = Productivity
Better Mood = Better Relationships

If you want different results, you will have to take different actions.
Maybe you can already see a trend of feeling worse every passing year.
I can't make this 'different' approach, to 'different' results, any easier!

One test.  No doctor visit!

Dr. Todd Stone
Functional Medicine
Eastern Medicine

OptiChem Lab Analysis
Chronic Infections, SIBO, Candida, Parasites, Toxicity, EBV, Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid Problems, Blood Sugar Imbalance, Insulin Resistance, Hypoglycemia, Liver Congestion, Fatty Liver, Lymph Congestion, Organ Function, Organ Repair, Systemic Inflammation, Energy Metabolism, Nutrient Deficiency, Anemia, Immune Depletion

This Easy...Order Your Lab

Visit Your Nearest LabCorp Draw Center

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DrStone will Provide:

Your LabCorp Lab Results, plus a Personalized Metabolic Report Identifying Any Functional Medicine Patterns.
Recommend Dietary, Lifestyle, and Specific Plant Based Medicines to give you a Metabolic Tune-up!
PLUS, I'll provide links to the National Library of Medicine articles, concluding, from Randomized Clinical Trials on human subjects, 
that these plants in fact, do significantly improve health, hormones, and feeling good!!  
You know, so nobody can say you are unscientific, stupid, or foolish for your choices.  
You can say, "well, this group of people did exactly what I am doing and it turned out pretty well for them."  

The OptiChem lab retails for $1700!

According to the LabCorp Catalog

And even the prestigious Cleveland Clinic's Functional Medicine Department 
is not covered by most health insurances.
Our Clinic works with a company that buys labs in bulk 
at a deep discount, and sells to doctors 
not covered by insurance to make it affordable!
Allowing us to offer FIVE PAGES of Lab Results for $497
Cleveland Clinic's Functional Medicine Department opened in 2014.  The Institute of Functional Medicine was created in 1991.

Which includes:

45 Minute Coaching Call with DrStone ($250 Value)

Bonus #1

Acupressure for Stress Relief Video ($97 Value)

Bonus #2

DrStone's Book (21.95 Value)

All for $497

Just Sayin'...people pay twice that for their phone!
The average new-car payment is over $500, for something you know will not last.
How about 497 to invest in your body, your vehicle, towards Lasting A Lifetime!!  

If you read Melissa's story, you know that we got her feeling "best ever" at age 69, 
after being completely disabled, unable to walk her dog in her early 60's.

But let's not wait until life-ability is lost.
Let's firmly grasp "feeling good"
with a Metabolic Tune-up!

Functional Medicine is a new approach!  WebMD looked into it and reported...

"The functional medicine approach is different for each person since each treatment is tailored to that person's specific illness.  
Functional medicine doctors look at your full history to identify the root causes of an illness. 
They usually spend more time with you than conventional doctors. 
Your relationship with a functional medicine doctor may also be different than with your primary care doctor. 
According to The Institute For Functional Medicine, it’s a more collaborative partnership: the doctor considers your input while still 
keeping you responsible for your choices as they relate to your condition and treatment.  With functional medicine, the care given is based 
on the system affected, not the condition diagnosed. For example, a diagnosis of depression may have multiple causes. A functional medicine 
doctor will research and treat each cause, leading to a personalized treatment approach."

If that isn't a direct compliment, and it might not be, bc I was kicked out of health insurance for spending too much time with patients...if Conventional Medicine is not complimenting Functional Medicine with that description, at the very least, they make it sound way better for the patient!

Are you ready to grasp feeling and looking your best!?

I know, it's a little weird for me too, this virtual thing.

But when I started offering it, I found that it's not really that 
much different than sitting in front of my desk.

Thanks to the C-Word, my desk now extends to our entire country.  All the amazing case studies published 
in our conditions section were from serving a small community in Western North Carolina.  
OptiChem Blood Analysis
  • Full System: Most doctors have 1 or more named conditions they want to rule in/out.  The OptiChem scans your whole body to see what organs and systems are stressed or struggling.
  • Anywhere: LabCorp has a lab near you!  (In the United States except NY, NJ, RI)
  •  Clinical Report: Dr. Stone will send you your lab results with an assessment and recommendations for tuning up your metabolism.  
Mild cognitive impairment
"I never knew I could feel this good!"
"How Functional Medicine Helped Me Achieve Best Ever at age 69"
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