Rehab - Calisthenics - Functional Movement - Acupressure
Become the "Healer" of your life, body, and your loves.  30 years of practice, what worked, what didn't.  Five children, how I handled everything from allergies to yeast infections.  What worked for poison ivy and PMS.  What helped for acute injuries and insomnia.  
Turns out, the best medicines are plants and acupressure!  Add rehab for chronic injuries and you have everything you need to achieve True Health!  YOU can do everything I did!  

That's called "empowerment," and it's very healthy!
Dr. Todd Stone
  • Acupressure: How to Heal Your Body with your own Hands - Priceless
  • Rehab/Movement: How to move, coordinate and balance your body, mind and spirit - Priceless
  • Medicinal Plants: Which plants have traditionally been used for conditions, symptoms, organ and system health - Priceless
  • Diet: The diet suggested by 3000 years of ancient eastern wisdom.
  • DrStone: You can text/email questions, included in the membership.  Sessions and Meds are available to purchase.

Afraid you won't follow through, again?

Here's How I Made a Habit - Easy!

You Can 100% Do This!

2 Minutes Moving  + 1 Minute Acupressure - Consistently
And you Will Want More

Plus I send lessons - Just Follow the Video!

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