Four Natural Laws of Health Mastery 
Natural Laws are "rules" taught in Five Elements Eastern Medicine.  The laws followed by cultures that produced respected, honored and valued elders.  Our culture has produced the worst aging bias on the planet.  More people are prejudiced against elders than any race or religion.  That is awful.

That is why I created the Metabolic Tune-Up. 

Don't wait for a problem!  Don't wait for a chronic illness!
Let's show our kiddos how to age gracefully!

Dr. Todd Stone
Functional Medicine
Eastern Medicine
Four  "Natural Laws" from Eastern Medicine that you can do on your own, 
to optimize your Metabolism, Mobility, and Motivation, without ever seeing a Doctor!

These Four 
Natural Laws = 
Look & Feel Your Best
Move Your Best & Focus Your Best!

Metabolic Tune-Up Webinar
  • Free Webinar: Teaching the 4 Natural Laws of Health and Healing, that you can apply in less than 20 minutes a day.
  •  Eastern Medicine: How you can use this ancient healing practice to improve your health and wellness by yourself.
  •  Functional Medicine: This relatively new practice is similar to Eastern Medicine, while incorporating the best available modern diagnostics.  Learn how you can run your labs without a Doctors visit.    

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Mild cognitive impairment
How an Exhausted Mom, disabled with chronic pain, was able to achieve feeling BEST EVER in her 60's, and still feels awesome in her 70's!
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Learn how Functional Medicine and Eastern Medicine body hacks 
can elevate your health to Best Ever at any age!  Without ever seeing a Dr.!
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