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During this Webinar, We will Cover:

  • The Four Steps that have led to "BEST EVER" health for people from 40-70!  
  • Why most MDs say there is "no science based evidence," even when I can show you a double blind study from the National Library of Medicine concluding "safe and effective" for optimizing hormones, stress, and inflammation!
  • The Number 1 mistake that most people make that leads to the terrible age bias we have in our culture!  Is it really a bias when 80% of Americans over age 50 have a diagnosed medical condition.  This mistake is why aging feels so bad!
  • ​What Average Americans have in common and why you don't want to be "average!"  Plus the Fours Steps to achieve Best Ever and forget about being Average!

About Your Presenter:

Dr.Todd Stone

Functional Medicine
Eastern Medicine

25 years in private practice in Western North Carolina
With the push of C-Word, I've expanded into virtual coaching, so YOU can 
have a functional medicine doctor on your team anywhere in the USA!

I've been helping people feel their best, often starting from their WORST, 
overcoming chronic symptoms and conditions to FEEL YOUR BEST...
after 40, 50, 60 and one lady reported feeling her best at 70 years of age!  

That changes our expectations for aging, if you can feel your best at 70, 
especially when you had to learn the Laws of Healing to get there.

This program is works for MEN or WOMEN.  You just need to want optimal health and graceful aging.   

The Laws work for all genders, all ages.

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