Look and Feel Your Best!

Get a Metabolic Tune-up!  
Stress depletes your Hormones!  
 Are you feeling weak(er)?  Is your body drooping?  Memory failing?
"Why did I come downstairs?!"  "I was supposed to be where?!"
You need a Metabolic Tune-up!

Optimize hormones, stress, inflammation and organ health!

Dr. Todd Stone
Functional Medicine
Eastern Medicine
OptiChem Lab Analysis
Free and Total Testosterone
Adrenal Stress Response
Thyroid Health
Organ Function
Immune Health
Dehydration / Fluid Retention
(If You Are Holding Water,
You Get Extra Droopy!)
Inflammation Levels

Functional Medicine Optimizes Health

A "metabolic tune-up" will make you Feel Good again!
More energy.  Sharper focus and memory.  Move faster.  Better Mood!

Improved Health!  Increased Vitality!

Focus and Energy = Productivity
Better Mood = Better Relationships

If you want different results, you will have to take different actions.
Maybe you can already see a trend of feeling worse every passing year.
I can't make this 'different' approach, to 'different' results, any easier!

Functional Medicine Described by WebMD

"The functional medicine approach is different for each person since each treatment is tailored to that person's specific illness.  
Functional medicine doctors identify the root causes of an illness. 
Your relationship with a functional medicine doctor is a more collaborative partnership: the doctor considers your input 
while advising you on healthy choices  and treatments, as they relate to your condition and treatment.  
With functional medicine, the care given is based on the system affected, not the condition diagnosed. 
For example, a diagnosis of depression may have multiple causes. 
A functional medicine doctor will research and treat each cause, leading to a personalized treatment approach."

Here's how easy it is to have a 
Functional Medicine Doctor on your Team!

When you order your Metabolic Tune-Up
Our First Step Is "Looking Under the Hood."

What is your beginning Testosterone Level?  Is your Liver capable of burning fat?
Blood sugar and Insulin?  Adrenal and Thyroid Health?  Inflammation?
OptiChem Blood Analysis
  • Full System: The OptiChem scans your whole body to see what organs and systems are stressed or struggling.  Free and Total Testosterone levels, Thyroid Function, Adrenal Health, Inflammation levels and sources.  A Full System Tune-Up!
  • Anywhere: LabCorp has a lab near you!  (In the United States except NY, NJ, RI.  Click on the LabCorp Logo to search your zipcode for locations.)
  •  Metabolic Profile: Dr. Stone will send you your lab results with a report detailing your metabolic weaknesses and needs.  

I know how people tend to "stick" with things, 
and sure, there is some commitment, 
some discipline needed,
but I've made it as easy as possible.  
15-20 minutes a day, self care.

You will receive a lab requisition by email.

Take the Lab Requisition to Your Nearest LabCorp Draw Center

3-4 days after you get your blood drawn, you will receive...

Your Report Will Explain:

  • Weak or Stressed Organs/Systems: How we will strengthen those organs or systems (immune system, digestive system)
  • What's Our of Balance: And how we are going to get it aligned!
  • Dietary and Lifestyle: I share what a reasonable diet is below, but if there are any particular foods you should focus on, or avoid.  Our members area has multiple super simple recipes to benefit certain organs or systems.  

While you are waiting for your Meds

We'll have a coaching call to clarify your goals and our plan!

A Reasonable Diet

Avoid Food Chemicals: Artificial flavors, colors, MSG, Hydrogenated oils, High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Limit processed flour and sugar to 20% of your caloric intake, meaning 80% is whole foods.  Whole grains, fruit, veggies, meat, beans, dairy.  Eat what you prefer from your choices of whole foods.    Cut carbs with less activity or you will store fat!

In a couple more days...

You will Receive 

Customized Functional Medicine
Designed From Your Metabolic Profile

Plant Based Medicines that are Proven to Optimize Hormones, 
Improve Stress and Inflammation Responses, 
Strengthen Weak Kidneys, Lungs, or Heart, 
and Improve Body Composition and Athletic Performance.

Our plant medicines come from 
companies that supply doctors!

I would be cautious too, about buying supplements randomly online.
Companies that work with doctors are held to the highest standards!

I posted links back to the National Library of Medicine 
all over my blog, if you want to see the research!

Fenugreek has been used by bodybuilders for years!
Look at the proven benefits!

But you can't just take Fenugreek...
You have to support all your "weak links"

That's why we need to check your blood chemistry!
Not just for a starting point, but to clarify what needs starting.
You can't optimize testosterone if your thyroid or adrenals are struggling.
You can't burn fat if your liver is congested.

You don't have to understand everything,
that's why you have a Functional Medicine Dr on your team!

Minimum, 4 month commitment.

It took 4 months to increase a woman's progesterone 
to a level that she could have a baby.

It took 9 months for DrStone

To lose 20 pounds and achieve a body that I don't mind showing off.

When you Receive your Medicine

You'll see an AM and PM Bottle

Take Two Droppers of your AM medicine in the morning
And Two Droppers of your PM medicine in the evening.

Spend one minute doing acupressure when you take your medicine.
It multiplies the effects, which I can't prove, but I've witnessed it.

Once a day you will log in 
to our Members Area

And spend 15 minutes in Self Care
10 Minutes Moving your body 
& 5 minutes doing Acupressure

I'll show you acupressure points that are proven to 
improve body composition, optimize hormones, 
and reduce stress and inflammation.  
Kinda silly if we don't use the free resources!

Our Membership Site!

10 minute exercise routines

Acupressure Points &
Simple Man-Made Healthy Recipes

"Easy to throw together"

"Model Success" 
-Tony Robbins

My success isn't a hard(er) body 
or even feeling pretty dang good at 51. 
 My success is how easy I made it by using 
Plant Based Medicines and Acupressure.

If you would like a muscular, "fit" look, or just less floppy and droopy, 
I'm showing you that you can achieve that with 10 minutes of exercise per day!
IF you use plant based medicines and acupressure 
to optimize your metabolism and hormones! 
And no, I was not perfect.  I did not exercise every day.

Does That Sound Too Easy?

Reasonable Diet, 10 minutes of Exercise
Plant Medicines and Acupressure

To Look and Feel Your Best Ever!

Or you can just keep drooping...
And I'll be here when 
something you care about droops.

Wouldn't it make sense to get ahead of that?!
To take action, to look and feel your best!

I couldn't make it easier to look and feel your best!

A Functional Medicine Dr
on your team, on call.

Thorough diagnostics so we know where you are,
where you want to go and my expertise to get there.

Zoom Sessions as needed with a real Dr.

If your shoulder hurts, just message me.
If you're sleeping like crap, just message me.

I'll show you how to fix your shoulder, or sleep, 
or knee, or whatever... using acupressure and plant medicines.
It might not magically go away, but usually better immediately,
and you can keep doing the treatment for a few days.

If you have chronic problems,
Join our New Patient Program

Click on New Patients at the top!

You've read this far because you 
want to look and feel better.

Functional/Eastern Medicine is the fastest and easiest way to 
tune up your metabolism, increase your health and function, and get back your younger body, a harder, stronger body.

You wouldn't still be here if you weren't somewhat concerned about your health and aging.

I've made it easy to do something about it.

Cleveland Clinic's Functional Medicine Department opened in 2014.  
The Institute of Functional Medicine was created in 1991.

LABS and MEDS delivered to your home!

Customized to your exact Metabolic Profile.

Results delivered right to your door.

I'm not promising that much.

It's a pretty easy to follow program,
that will make you look and feel 
significantly better in 120 days

The hard part was making it this easy.

Do you remember Jack LaLanne?

"People thought I was a charlatan and a nut. The doctors were against me‍—‌they said that working out with weights would give people heart attacks and they would lose their sex drive."

He ate two meals a day and avoided snacks. His breakfast, after working out for two hours, consisted of hard-boiled egg whites, a cup of broth, oatmeal with soy milk, and seasonal fruit. For dinner, he and his wife typically ate raw vegetables, egg whites, and fish. He did not drink coffee.

He continued with his two-hour workouts into his 90s, which also included walking.

LaLanne died of respiratory failure due to pneumonia at his home on January 23, 2011. He was 96. According to his family, he had been sick for a week, but refused to see a doctor. They added that he had been performing his daily workout routine the day before his death.

Now you know DrStone!

"Still feels like someone is trying to keep us away 
from living naturally and achieving good health?!"

I eat when I feel like eating, which is generally right around the normal times, and I eat what I want to eat.  I love cheeseburgers, 
on whole wheat of course, and pizza on sprouted grain flat bread.  
All my favorite and simple recipes are in the Members Area!

I enjoy drinking alcohol.  Gosh, the first time I got drunk, 
I declared that I felt normal.  I think I meant relaxed?  
I'm pretty relaxed these days from my plant medicines, but I still enjoy a drink or few, which I always follow with detox meds.

I have increased my exercise to 20 minutes, most days, and even joined a gym where I might even dedicate 30 minutes to exercise.

And I wouldn't suggest avoiding doctors when you are sick!

I attended my sick very attentively.
I have a video of my Amory recovering 
from the flu, just using acupressure!

I'm so "manly" that I relieved my daughter Savannah's
menstrual cramps with a minute of acupressure.

You know, "MANLY"... to rush in and save the day!

You can do more. Be like Jack, and 
workout 2 hours a day and juice carrots.

You can do nothing, continue to droop and in 10 years you'll be...droopier?

Or you can do less, Use Ancient Wisdom
and Modern Diagnostics...
and still look and feel your best!

Are you willing to pay the price
to look and feel your best?

The OptiChem lab retails for $1700!

And even the prestigious Cleveland Clinic's Functional Medicine Department is not covered by most health insurances.
But several national Lab Companies buy labs in bulk and sell to Functional Medicine doctors, and acupuncturists who run labs, and we get them at a fraction of retail pricing, aka what they charge your insurance!

Functional Medicine Doctors are charging $450/hour to consult.

I just saw an ad for building passive income through investments, from a man who lost his job to a chronic health condition and had to learn how to invest bc he was home-bound, until a Functional Medicine Doctor diagnosed him with a mold allergy, treated him for that and now he's all better and ready to sell his new skill at making money from home!

He didn't say how much he paid, but her rate was $450/hour
and Lab testing is still the most expensive part,
plus the meds he needed to recover, so you can imagine.

I wanted to create something 
that most working folks can afford.

People who are not in desperate need of healing.
People who just want to look and feel better!

That was most of my patients, desperately needing healing and willing to pay anything.
I tended to be too soft, "oh, it's ok, what could you pay?"  Lol.  Not great for Business!
I never made 450/hour, but I made a bunch of pretty amazing stories of recovery.
Now, you gotta ask yourself, if that lady doctor, and DrStone have all these amazing stories of healing, why would anyone be dogging plant based medicines?  Are there any big corporations who make a profit from you being a customer for life?  

Let's remove their profit by 
Looking and Feeling our Best!

I am offering Your Metabolic Tune-Up
120 Day Total Body Makeover

for 337 / Month!!
Or save a few bucks  with a 
one time payment of $1297

When our Gov't required medical health insurance, I was offered the privilege of medical coverage 
for over $1500 per month!  And that was just "security" in case I got sick or needed medical care. 

I've Helped People Look and Feel their best for 25 years!

Including some pretty AMAZING Recoveries,
In People given Really BAD prognoses! 

I was slightly famous in Western North Carolina!  LOL
"I am off ALL meds (migraine and thyroid) and feeling the healthiest I have in years!  I am happier and so thankful for Dr. Stone!  Even the lab techs said, 'wow, we hear so much great from his patients'."
-Steffi Rausch
"Dr. Stone has helped our family in so many ways, my thyroid problems, our daughters adrenal insufficiency...bad stories... made good, by Dr. Stone!"
-Jessica Meinch
"I literally thought it was the end for me, I was disabled and had no future, except death.  And I was looking forward to it, I felt so awful...until I met Dr. Stone....now Best Ever!"
-Melissa Chapman

Make your choice.
Choose to look and feel your best.

Let's teach our children what healthy aging looks like.

I know how people tend to "stick" with things, 
and sure, there is some commitment, 
some discipline needed,
but I've made it as easy as possible.  
15-20 minutes a day, self care.

If you are still on the fence, check out more case studies.
This process works to help you look and feel your best!

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