Look and Feel Your Best!

Get a Metabolic Tune-up!  
Stress & Inflammation depletes your Hormones!  
 Are you feeling weak(er)?  Is your body drooping?  Memory failing?
"Why did I come downstairs?!"  "I was supposed to be where?!"
You need a Metabolic Tune-up!

Optimize hormones, stress, inflammation and organ health!

Dr. Todd Stone
Functional Medicine
Eastern Medicine
OptiChem Lab Analysis
Adrenal Stress Response
Thyroid Health
Organ Function
Immune Health
Dehydration / Fluid Retention
(If You Are Holding Water,
You Get Extra Droopy!)
Circulation and Detoxification

Don't be nervous running labs!
We only check for things we can fix!!

OptiChem Blood Analysis
  • Full System: The OptiChem scans your whole body to see what organs and systems are stressed or struggling.  Free and Total Testosterone levels, Thyroid Function, Adrenal Health, Inflammation levels and sources.  A Full System Tune-Up!
  • Anywhere: LabCorp has a lab near you!  (In the United States except NY, NJ, RI.  Click on the LabCorp Logo to search your zipcode for locations.)
  •  Metabolic Profile: Dr. Stone will send you your lab results with a report detailing your metabolic weaknesses and needs.  

Your Report Will Explain:

  • Weak or Stressed Organs/Systems: How we will strengthen those organs or systems (immune system, digestive system)
  • Comparison to Optimal: Every possible way to increase health and vitality!
  • Dietary and Lifestyle: I shared what a reasonable diet means to me, but if there are any particular foods you should focus on, or avoid.  Our members area has multiple super simple recipes to benefit certain organs or systems.  

Make your choice.
Choose to look and feel your best.

Let's teach our children what healthy aging looks like.

Most HSA's Accepted!

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"I am off ALL meds (migraine and thyroid) and feeling the healthiest I have in years!  I am happier and so thankful for Dr. Stone!  Even the lab techs said, 'wow, we hear so much great from his patients'."
-Steffi Rausch
"Dr. Stone has helped our family in so many ways, my thyroid problems, our daughters adrenal insufficiency...bad stories... made good, by Dr. Stone!"
-Jessica Meinch
"I literally thought it was the end for me, I was disabled and had no future, except death.  And I was looking forward to it, I felt so awful...until I met Dr. Best Ever!"
-Melissa Chapman
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