Welcome to True Health, where the truth, curiosity, nature’s wisdom, and your own amazing body prevail! 
Are you or someone you love suffering with health problems? 
Many of our patients suffered for years before finding us.   Maybe you just want to improve your energy, metabolism, or sleep?   We understand how challenging it is to find and/or afford an effective healer or functional medicine doctor.

Well, get ready, True Health is different! 

True Health is a Functional Medicine clinic, which means we dig until we find the root cause of your problem. With an Eastern Medicine healing philosophy, we use acupressure and plant medicines to shift body, mind, and spirit toward healing.

We are here to help you find True Health!   Are you ready?   Click here to get a True Health Membership for $7 per month, per family, which allows your family visits to True Health on a donation basis. No kidding, whatever you can pay.
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If you’re interested but need more information, click our conditions page to watch a five minute video teaching you what every healing science has to offer your condition or symptom, and of course, how we approach your healing. Plus I share our most dramatic case studies for each condition.

If you’re a “do it yourself” kind of person, click "Shop" to get the exact medicines we use in our clinic, delivered right to your door.   And I’ve put a free Webinar on how to use the resources we use at True Health to create all those amazing case studies!

If you’d like to support our Mission, you can donate to True Health.  I have received hugs as payment, and even covered the cost of medicine for a few people who didn’t have $15.  You’re donation will support the financial wellbeing of True Health and keep this mission alive.
Dr. Todd Stone
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