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Please consider a healer or healing coaching program with DrStone

You can read the potential of hands and plants, in the healing stories below. 
Are You a Healer or Caretaker?
Listen to this story of 
Samuel Thomson, the 
"Father of American Herbalism"
Sam was a farmer, who used his intuition and observation to meet the healing needs of his family, when doctors said there was no hope.  If you take care of your loves, or feel called as a healer, I'm going to share what Sam learned by experience, with no formal education, and what I have learned in practice, in spite of my formal education.  What I do doesn't require a license, just a healing heart.  I'm going to teach everything I 
use to help people find healing again.
What You Will Learn:

Master Your Health

Symptoms are messages that communicate your needs. Learn to read the messages and meet your needs, using nothing but food, plants and acupressure, and find a healing trend to get better with age!  

Heal Your Loves

Healing is pretty easy once you know how. Learn the process we use at True Health to create the amazing healing stories below.  Learn what to do for every boo-boo and illness, and your people will get stronger.

Heal The World

You have hands, and plants are a gift to all of us, from God/Nature. If you have a healing heart, all you need is a reliable process, and you can make your living healing people.  Optional: A sign on a tree.  Lol!
You can read the potential of hands and plants, in the healing stories below.